Couple things you must to know about air trips

Many of us are using air jet as our main mode of transportation. We are going for vacations, visiting our friends, traveling to work. If you do not want to have some unpleasant situations in the time of your trip, there are few thinks you really have to know. How to pack your carry on baggage properly? What sort of hazardous items you are able to have with you? Do you are able to take your pet on the airplane? If so, how to arrange it? And what with the meals? It is allowed on board?

City break or entire vacations?

Author: Sang yun Lee
Poland is developing state, but year after year, existence in this place is more convenient. When we became a part of EU, the method of our transportation had modify. Several, small airline corporations started to open flights in here after that event. Thanks to that, now we are able to travel for a song.