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fashion man
Author: Alejandra Lezcano
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In the found globe fashion has entered to anyone’s world. At the start the female section of our world was interested in this field of living. However, in today's world here are more and more men who are keen on trendy clothes and fashion style.

You are going for a gym? Buy yourself nice pair of boots

ubrania - widok
Author: Artur Nowacki
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Each year, at the start of it, a lot of people decide to go for a gym. It is usually a new year resolution for most of them, so places are very packed. When you are one of this people, you need to take care of several aspects. First, buy any subscription card for your closest gym, it would be less expensive. Next, find some lovely outfit in your favorite tones - but be sure it will be comfortable for you. And the most important is to localize good sport boots, and you cannot spare on this, cause comfortable pair of shoes is really valid on the gym.

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The shopping mall
Author: William Ng
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The Intimissimi store is the first which will be described. It is a shop for female buyers. There you can get bras, knickers, underwear, night clothes and accessories. Furthermore, they give also products for gentlemen. The gentlemen are able to buy here: briefs, boxers, T-shirts and night clothes.