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Preparation for vacations in Asian countries

Asia is some of the top vacation goals for Polish citizens nowadays. Since couple of years, airplane flights to Thailand, Vietnam and China are getting cheaper, therefore nothing weird is in this fashion.

Author: Thomas Rousing

but if you are wondering about future summer in any oriental country you need to prepare yourself really carefully, especially when you wish to spend a lot of hours outside the hotel.

Exotic places, like Vietnam and Thailand for example, are entirely different then Poland. Individuals, who are living in there got different bacterial flora, therefore they may drink whatever they want in their country without filling sick. Unfortunately, when Polish person will drink raw water or unclean food, it is big chance of any bad gastric condition. That is why you better take on a plane with you any drugs for vomits and diarrhea. Beside, few weeks before the trip remember to check enjoined vaccines, you need to get before vacation. It could be for Ebola, ague or dysentery, your travel agency would also remind you about that.

If you're going to admire one of oriental city jungle for vacation, you have to get ready for a large amount of people everywhere. Places such as Bangkok and Mumbai are a home for many millions of people, so it could be really unpleasant for you at first. And with such a big crowd you need to don't forget about robbers, they're very common.

Don't stroll on the street with too much money in pocket, hide your passport in your room, do not go to the dark and lonely streets. Asia is also known for entirely different habits, which you, as a visitor need to respect. It would aid you to avoid a lot of unpleasant situations. Especially you have to pay attention in Muslim countries.